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Summer 2024

School of Rock

Chequer Mead Theatre, East Grinstead RH19 3BS

Thursday 01 - Saturday 03 Aug 2024

Based on the Paramount movie

Written by Mike White, Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Book by Julian Fellowes, Lyrics by Glenn Slater

Based on the hilarious hit movie, School of Rock follows Dewey Finn, a failed, wannabe rock star who decides to earn a few extra bucks by posing as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. There he turns a class of straight-A students into a guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band.

Cast List

Dewey Finn – tbc

Rosalie Mullins – Nia Harrington-Benton

Ned Schneebly – Harry Stock

Patty Di Marco – Henriette McArdell

Theo, 'No Vacancy' lead singer – tbc

Zack (Guitar) – Kit Kinsella

Lawrence (Keys) – Phoenix Woodford

Freddy (Drums) – Daniel Cordell

Katie (Bass) – Delilah Skyrme

Tomika (Vocals) – Kaitlyn Capper

Summer (Manager) – Niamh Ogle

Teachers: (names to be allocated)

Callum Cleeve, Ethan Harrington-Benton, Florence Carter, Jacob Ogle,

Jonathan Grey, Olivia Houghton, Reuben Moorey, Riley Parker,

RuPert Lawrence 

Band Support:

Billy, Band Stylist - Benji Eckersall

Shonelle, Band backing singer - Amy Whittam

Marcy, Band backing singer - Imogen Ingle

Mason, Band Technician - Isaac Howatson

Madison, Band Roadie - Jess Stock 

Sophie, Band Roadie - Zoe Beer

James, Band Security - Conor Marsh


Mr Mooneyham, Zack’s dad - Ollie Large 

Mrs Turner, Lawrence’s mum - Ginny McArdell 

Mrs Williams, Tomika’s mum - Hattie Thynne

Mrs Spencer, Tomika’s mum - Sasha Moorey 

Mrs Sandford, Billy’s mum - Martha Odhuba 

Mrs Hathaway, Summer’s mum - Natasha Beer

Mrs Hamilton, Freddy’s mum - Trixie Lawrence

Mrs Travis, Katie’s mum - Sofia Lempidaki

Mrs Ward, Mason’s mum - Elsie Smith

Other roles:

Jill Sanderson (Battle of the Bands Official) - Lucy O’Connell

Stanley (Record store owner) - tbc

Policeman - tbc

Bob, Doug and Snake, the “No Vacancy” band members - tbc


Members of the Horace Green School community:

Alex Grantham, Amelie Holmes-Williams, Amy Marcoolyn, Annabel Radcliffe, Ayala Cordell, Ben Weaver, Bethan Wilson, Caitlin Florek-Cafferkey, Cerys Wilson, Charlotte Rank, Elliott Ross, Elliot Weaver, Eve Nash, Ezme Owen-Howes, Freya Ketley, Isabelle Welmans, Jasper Ross, Lee Dixon, Matilda Ingle, Milanya Arazova, Miles Gunning, Phoebe Houghton, Ruby Malcolm, Sam Green, Sienna Rosaci, Sky Turnbull, Sophie Ellis, Taya Possumato, Thea Ward

Director Fiona Kuhn-Thompson

Musical Director Jamie Cordell

Choreographer Lindsay Swift

Associate Director Keir Gilbert-Halladey

School of Rock flyer SG.PNG


07 Jan 2024 - Auditions Day

21 Jan 2024 - Recalls Day

27 Jun - 01 Aug 2024 - Rehearsals

(see calendar page for full details)

01 Aug  - 03 Aug 2024 - Performances

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