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Summer 2023

The Wind in the Willows

Harlequin Theatre, Redhill

Thursday 03 - Saturday 05 Aug 2023

Based on novel by Kenneth Grahame

Music & Lyrics by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe

Book by Julian Fellowes, writer of Downton Abbey

Come and join us in this riotous romp around the countryside as 'The Amazing Mr Toad' charges along 'The Open Road', terrifying his neighbours (The Hedgehog's Nightmare) in his infamous shiny new motor car!  Friends Badger, Ratty and Mole are in hot pursuit trying to save Mr Toad from the wicked 'Wild Wooders' who are 'Taking over the Hall' and from his own reckless ways which land him in serious trouble.

Cast list

(In order of appearance)

Portia Amy Whittam

Mole Jacob Ogle

Mr Hedgehog Daniel Cordell

Mrs Hedgehog Trixie Lawrence

Girl Hedgehog Kaitlyn Capper

Boy Hedgehog Elliott Ross

Ratty Harry Stock

Mrs Otter Olivia Houghton

Swallows Ginny McArdell, Lucy O'Connell, Martha Odhuba

Rabbits Annabel Radcliffe, Bethan Wilson, Cora Seager,

Isabelle Welmans, Rosie Vaughan

Mr Toad Edwin Lawrence

Horse Hattie Thynne

Lesser Weasel Callum Cleeve

Chief Weasel Jonathan Grey

Sheryl Stoat Henriette McArdell

Badger Ollie Large

Car Driver Reuben Moorey

Magistrate Rupert Lawrence

Gaoler's Daughter Delilah Skyrme

Head Chorister Mouse Elliot Weaver
Wassailing Mice Elsie Smith, Florence Carter, Isaac Howatson,

Natasha Beer, Niamh Ogle, Phoebe Houghton

First Stoat Georgia Bishop

Second Stoat Phoenix Woodford

The Wild Wooders and other residents of the riverbank and the English countryside

Abi Pond, Alex Grantham, Amelie Holmes-Williams, Amy Marcoolyn,

Annabelle White, Ayala Cordell, Caitlin Florek-Cafferkey, Cerys Wilson,

Charlotte Rank, Ezme Owen-Howes, Eva Foxwell, Evie Penton, Felicity Francis,

Imogen Ingle, Isabella Harvey, Jessica Stock, Karina Lyth, Kit Kinsella,

Lana Seager, Milanya Arazova, Ruby Rother, Sasha Moorey, Sky Turnbull, Sofia Lempidaki, Sophie Ellis, Taya Possumato, Zoe Beer.

Director Fiona Kuhn-Thompson

Musical Director Jamie Cordell

Choreographer Lindsay Swift

Associate Director Keir Gilbert-Halladey

NODA Review - Graham Botterill

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08 Jan 2023 - Auditions Day

22 Jan 2023 - Recalls Day

29 Jun - 02 Aug 2023 - Rehearsals

(see calendar page for full details)

03 Aug  - 05 Aug 2023 - Performances

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