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Current auditions


Do you want to spend your summer doing something fun and memorable? Then why not join YESPA and sign up for our 2022 summer production of The Addams Family!

There is no audition process to join YESPA as a member, or enjoy our workshops, however, you must Audition for our summer production, after first becoming a member.

The Addams Family auditions 2022


Click here for audition material


Audition Day:

09 Jan 2022 | 9.00 - 4 pm | The Addams Family Auditions | Reigate School, Pendleton Road, Reigate RH2 7NT

Everyone must attend the morning workshop.  Principal auditions will be held during the afternoon.

Character breakdowns

Link to apply for the Password to access The Addams Family audition dialogue and music

Link to Audition Registration Form - complete the form online, A confirmation copy of your Audition Registration Form will be emailed to you by the YESPA Team on January 1st 2022. Print the form and bring it with you on audition day.

Please attach a passport-sized photo to your registration form. It does not have to be a professional-quality photo, but must be recent.

What to expect at auditions


We understand that auditioning for the first time, or any time for that matter can be daunting! Don't worry, YESPA is an open and welcoming company and we strive to support our members throughout the audition process in the best possible ways.

Our auditions always start with 'welcomes' and 'warm-ups' to make everyone feel comfortable, prepared, and in the right frame of mind to perform. During your audition, we are always looking for the best in each performer, and we're not looking to catch people out!

So prepare your material beforehand to the best of your ability and enjoy performing to us!

Casting decisions and theatre as a collaboration


Not all of your principal auditions will be successful and we've all experienced the let down of rejection. You may not have the part you wanted but we remind you that everyone's contribution to a show's performance is important and valued. Theatre is a collaborative effort and performances are always better when everyone works together.

The creative team are looking to create an entire ensemble, and not just focus on individuals with parts that are more important than others. So trust their decisions, see the production as a whole, and perform to your best in whatever acting role you're in..

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